Poncho is an open-world puzzle platformer where you play across multiple planes that sees you on a quest to find your Maker.

It features gameplay that takes place on different planes, as in Little Big Planet, with you exploring the 2D world by moving in and out of the 3D parallax layers.  This adds a unique puzzle element to the game, with you having to move in between layers to unlock secrets or make your way past obstructions.

A little like Fez, there are no levels in Poncho. You wake up in the centre of the game, and choose to go any way you want, with no hand holding to tell you where to go.  You’ll also be able to upgrade abilities, via merchant bots to help you discover new areas.  it rewards exploration and experimentation, with you able to interact with every creature you meet as you make your way through randomly generated ecosystems.

It’s a well crafted game, with some excellent pixel art animation, game design reminiscent of Fez, and a compelling story.  Help this charming little robot meet his maker!

Play the Alpha Demo & Check Out the Kickstarter

I played Poncho at EGX and really loved it despite being awful and tearing my hair out over it haha.

It’s a beautiful game with a very intriguing story, great music and such cool gameplay. 

They only have 53 hours to go on Kickstarter so please check them out and pledge towards it to make it happen! 

Just £8 will get you a copy of the game, digital artbook and desktop wallpapers of the artwork! #saveponcho

Play the Alpha Demo here!

Last day of EGX London today. I didn’t realise that by the end of it, we would all be falling apart. Well actually it’s more Jon who is. For me, a lot of it is to do with my lingering hangover. Woo bring it on! Let’s close the deal on some Kickstarter pledges (y)

Check out Eminence: Xander’s Tales on Kickstarter :)

   雨は 止むことを知らずに 今日も降り続くけれど

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Two exciting updates!


1. EGX

We have a special announcement! The Eminence Team will be at EGX, one of London’s biggest gaming conference. If you can make it to the event, you’re in for a treat. The whole team will be there, giving away a number of goodies (like the image below), running competitions, oh and you’ll be able to play an exclusive demo of the Eminence Card Battle System!!

More details can be found on their web site. Come on down, we’d love to meet you guys, talk gaming and just have a fun time :-D

2. Demo

Participants at EGX will be able to play our exclusive demo of card battling action on numerous tablet devices. You’ll go head to head with a specially created AI for the event and have a chance to win exclusive prizes for getting the top score.

For those who are based internationally or can’t make it, DON’T FRET! We got your back, as we’ll also be making a web based version of demo available to play on your PC/Mac! For some, the demo will be a delightful nostalgic feeling and for others, a completely new experience. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Take a look at those sweet cards :Q

That’s me giving the thumbs up/doing the massive grin as I watch an EGX attendee have a go on playeminence. We’ve had such an amazing response so far and I’m kind of gutted that I’m not there today even though it’s knackering to be on my feet all day and my voice is a tad huskier from all the constant chatting :p

There’s still another 2 days to check out the Eminence: Xander’s Tales demo at EGX and ask developers (including my extremely husky brother lol) all your questions. Three people won our competition yesterday - get three stars on the demo and you win a full deck of the physical Eminence cards. So if you’re going to be at EGX for the next two days, please check it out :) I’d never have guessed that watching someone else play a card game would be so exciting haha.

Oh and of course, we are offering FREE cookies to anyone who pledges on our Kickstarter at our stall at EGX! An EGX exclusive you could say. The joy of free cookies, the chance to get special Kickstarter awards and the ability to make all of the Eminence crowd dance around with happiness - it’s win all around.

The Eminence: Xander’s Tales Kickstarter. Pledge pledge pledge!

There’s so many other cool games there and hopefully I’ll get to try more of them out tomorrow :)