NOON: Lapalux - “Movement I, II & III”

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heavy stuff from lapalux, whose music indicates that he may have woken up from the dreamlike haze that enveloped his earlier music. this one features some heavy midtempo impact moments, and a shimmer that sounds like it would do well in sunrise sets. really like the patient flow allotted to this seven-minute experimental bass feature.

Feel Freeze - beautiful dreamy Danish pop


Follow the link above to hear Lights Off by Feel Freeze

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Spotify album link: Feel Freeze – Future Emotions in a Digital Heart

Although I am a huge music lover and always have been, I have to admit that it is not often that a song immediately grabs me, and too often I have skipped songs that have not got me hooked from the first bar while looking for some new music to listen to. Happily, Feel Freeze are different, and the first song I heard by them, the cheerful Give Me Your Heart, drew me in instantly. It is such a light, pretty song with such a delicately-uplifting feel that listening to it improved my entire day, and after hearing it, I knew that I had to investigate further and listen to all their available music.

I am so very excited to tell you about Feel Freeze! Feel Freeze are a very new and obscure Danish duo, so new that at the time of writing, they have only 32 followers on Spotify and that when I wrote on their Facebook page to tell them how much I like them, I got a response! They make arresting, dreamy pop music, an electronic sound perfectly balanced with a guitar, appealing to those with a taste for pop, rock, and electro alike. Beautiful harmonised vocals and sweet lyrics complete the music to make a very appealing overall sound.

They only have one album so far, Future Emotions in a Digital Heart, a title which I feel sums up their music personally. I love the whole album, but my favourite song is Lights Off, a haunting, magical song which for me really conjures up images of spending a night looking up the stars in a Scandinavian sky. The album opens with Wet My Tongue, which begins with a lovely acoustic guitar but goes on to invoke a sense of being surrounded by beautiful Scandinavian forest, while the last track, Young (Again), has a more relaxed feel, a slightly slower pace to sway along to.

This might sound like an exaggeration, but I honestly feel that discovering Feel Freeze has improved my life. Their music is just so incredibly pretty and with powerful, thought-provoking lyrics such as “you are not asleep, you are deeply awake” (from Give Me Your Heart), it is also quite moving. I simply implore you to listen to them! I really hope their fanbase grows rapidly.

Perfect for fans of: Niki and the Dove, Jamie Woon, Yeasayer

New song by Nero! What a coincidence - I was listening to them for the first time in forever yesterday.
I like how the punchy drums and funky bass kicks in and it suddenly has a dark, industrial vibe.


Acle from Tesseract remixed You and yours and incorporated his own style into it, the result is awesome.

"Taken from S.P.Y’s debut album on Hospital ‘What The Future Holds’.

Across the thirteen-track selection, we are treated to an array of different styles as S.P.Y blends moody sub-bass driven soundscapes in tracks like “Bass Terror” with an old-skool vintage aesthetic, harking back to the late 90s “golden era” of D+B in moments like “Analogue Dreams”. 

Soaring vocals are paired with uplifting synth sweeps and rolling breaks in tracks such as “See The Light”, “Hammer In My Heart” and title track “What The Future Holds”, whilst a ballad-like aspect takes over in “Love Hurts”. Things get nasty with the rough, tough, tech-y vibes in “Back Again” and “Infiltrate”, whilst the blissed out “Kiss The Sky” brings the album to a poignant finale.”

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Angeles - Elliott Smith
I could make you satisfied in everything you do
All your secret wishes could right now be coming true
And be forever with my poison arms around you

Played this right after All Is Full Of Love. That was pretty cool.

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Drowning in my sleep I’m drowning in my sleep

Ooh fun fact - this album was my jam this time last year in the library when there was so much work I wanted to weep.

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