New song by Nero! What a coincidence - I was listening to them for the first time in forever yesterday.
I like how the punchy drums and funky bass kicks in and it suddenly has a dark, industrial vibe.


Acle from Tesseract remixed You and yours and incorporated his own style into it, the result is awesome.

"Taken from S.P.Y’s debut album on Hospital ‘What The Future Holds’.

Across the thirteen-track selection, we are treated to an array of different styles as S.P.Y blends moody sub-bass driven soundscapes in tracks like “Bass Terror” with an old-skool vintage aesthetic, harking back to the late 90s “golden era” of D+B in moments like “Analogue Dreams”. 

Soaring vocals are paired with uplifting synth sweeps and rolling breaks in tracks such as “See The Light”, “Hammer In My Heart” and title track “What The Future Holds”, whilst a ballad-like aspect takes over in “Love Hurts”. Things get nasty with the rough, tough, tech-y vibes in “Back Again” and “Infiltrate”, whilst the blissed out “Kiss The Sky” brings the album to a poignant finale.”

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Angeles - Elliott Smith
I could make you satisfied in everything you do
All your secret wishes could right now be coming true
And be forever with my poison arms around you

Played this right after All Is Full Of Love. That was pretty cool.

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Drowning in my sleep I’m drowning in my sleep

Ooh fun fact - this album was my jam this time last year in the library when there was so much work I wanted to weep.

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Tokimonsta :: The World Is Ours

[Remember ‘09?

"This song has been very close to me for years. I loved it too much to ever release it officially—-all these mp3s online are poor quality rips off youtube or myspace. Here is the fully mixed and mastered version (thanks Daddy Kev) for you to play whenever you need to hear it."]

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love <3